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I Edit Your Photo

Do you need help with one of your images? Feel like you can't quite bring out the best of a scene you've captured? You can now send me your RAW files for me to edit them for you! I will apply the same processes that I use in own work, and send the finished Photoshop file and RAW files (complete with develop settings from Adobe Camera Raw) back to you. On top of this, I can also send a detailed written PDF containing my approach and thought process behind each step that I make from start to finish, showing the 'why' as well as the 'how'. Through this, you can see how I would apply my techniques to YOUR OWN IMAGE, a personalised service that is invaluable in its worth.

Skype / Zoom sessions are also available!

10% off for 2 images, 15% off for three!

Edit only - $65 AUD

Edit + PDF write-up - $95 AUD


Video Tutorials - COMING SOON

I am currently working on creating start-to-finish video tutorials of my own images, explaining not only the 'How' but the 'Why' behind each step in my process. Gain unprecedented insight into how I create my images, utilising many different techniques to make the most of each file, from straight of the camera to the finished product in Photoshop. In the meantime, you can catch me live streaming monthly workshops with Georges Cameras to help you with both composing and editing your landscape images! The next workshop is currently on September 9th - I hope to see you there!


'Lion's Slumber' - Start to Finish

Price - $65 AUD

In this video I go through the full post-processing steps I took to create this image, captured in Tasmania in 2019. Topics and techniques in this video include:

    - Preparing an image for Photoshop 

    - Using a non-destructive workflow 

    - Colour theory and targeted colour management

    - Focus stacking

    - Time blending

    - Advanced masking

    - Targeted contrast adjustments

    - Creating a dreamy atmosphere

    - Enhancing cloud texture

    - Removing distractions

    - Using different layer blend modes

    - Sharpening for web

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