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NFTs - standing for Non-Fungible Tokens - are a new form of art collecting and trading that has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm. It's a tricky concept to wrap your head around at first, so if you'd like to understand more about the topic I suggest having a read of this Forbes article. To explain the concept simply, NFTs are a way of selling and collecting 1/1 edition digital artwork using cryptocurrency (typically Ethereum). Each NFT has proof of origin built into it, easily verifying you didn't buy a fake, and also rewards the creator by providing them with a set commission every time the artwork resells, giving scalable earnings back to the artist which is non-existent in physical art collecting. 

Now available on OpenSea is 'VISION', a collection of 50 1/1 edition Ben Maze Fine Art NFTs. Through this collection, I aimed to give further insight into the creative editing process in landscape photography by showing these 50 images as looping 4K videos bouncing between the raw file and finished product. Each piece is priced at 0.2 ETH, and includes a FREE 24x36" print sent anywhere in the world, plus a future airdrop to holders. 10% of VISION earnings are being donated to Give Back To Nature and varying environmental charities. Click on the image below to browse the collection.

VISION - OpenSea collection by Benjamin Maze

As well as my OpenSea collection, I have some 1/1 pieces listed on the Foundation platform. These are of varying prices, with some carrying increasing amounts of benefits to the highest bidder. Head to my Foundation page to browse the available artworks and start an auction for your favourite.

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