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Portfolio Critique

The positive feedback loop of social media has created an environment for many photographers today where no constructive criticism is received, but rather endlessly positive compliments to help with people's own engagement levels. Detailed and honest feedback for the sake of improvement is hard to come by these days, which is where this service comes in.


We'll spend 60-90 minutes looking over up to 10 of your images, going into detail to identify how you can work on your photography. I'll identify both weaknesses and strengths that I see in your images, as I believe that critique should identify what needs to change as well as what you should continue doing in the future. If you're feeling stagnant and unchallenged in your photography, or want to improve but aren't quite sure what you need to work on, then this is for you.

I can offer this to you wherever you are, as long as you speak English, have an email address and stable internet. I'll share my screen with you and run through your images one by one, identifying what does and doesn't work, why that is the case, and what could be done better either through editing or improvement in the field. At the end, you'll receive a recording of our time together so you can refer back to what we discussed.


$85 AUD (60-90 minutes)

Once you have booked, I will get in touch as soon as I can to organise a time for our session together. Please allow for some time to respond in the case that I am in the field and unable to get back to you immediately. If you have any questions, qualms or queries, don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact page in the menu above, or via email at


“Benjamin helped me work through my portfolio and identify the positives and negatives in my photographs. He was super kind and willing to work with me. I highly recommend working with Ben to take your photography to the next level.” - Caleb M


"Ben was super helpful and helped me see my photos through a pro's eyes. I learnt a lot and will be taking on board his feedback about composition and post processing. It's good to hear feedback from someone who knows what they're doing." - Evan A

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