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Partnering with Jigsaw Gallery Australia, a personally selected collection of 16 images are now available for purchase as jigsaw puzzles. Ranging in several different sizes, with a wide variety of photographs, there's a puzzle for everyone! 

You can have peace of mind in knowing that the components used in creating these puzzles, including the puzzle-boards, papers, inks & glues are certified with one or more “green, eco & earth friendly, food and/or toy safe” certifications, making them one of the most environmentally friendly and responsible jigsaw puzzle manufacturers in the world.

Please see the examples below for dimensions and pieces of the available images. To order your puzzle, follow the link in the button below to the Jigsaw Gallery website for the full selection available. Prices include GST, but do not include postage. 


700mm x 500mm / 480mm x 340mm / 300mm x 215mm

1000 Pieces / 260 Pieces / 120 Pieces

VeilofParadise-NewEnglandNPNSW-L1-1000 - web.jpg

Panoramic (940mm x 350mm)

1000 Pieces

Serendipity-BronteNSW-L1-1000pano - web.jpg

Square (500mm x 450mm / 345mm x 310mm)

500 pieces / 120 pieces

Veneration-GloucesterNSW-M1-500 - web.jpg

Images available as puzzles

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