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Synergy (sin-er-jee); noun.
"The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements".

In January of 2022, after 2 years of waiting and several cancelled flights, I was finally able to travel back to the ruggedly beautiful landscapes of Tasmania. Nowhere quite inspires me like the island state does these days; my bucket list for areas to explore and photograph seems to only become more extensive the longer I spend there. We spent 11 days exploring the southwest regions, with 3-4 primary locations culminating in most of the photos that appear within this gallery. From towering dolerite peaks surrounded by carpets of wildflowers, pineapple grass and cushion plants, to some of the lushest rainforests I've ever witnessed, this macrocosm of Tasmania showcases an incredible variety of raw wilderness. 

I chose to reveal these images to the world in the form of a gallery, as opposed to my previous standard practice of single-image releases, to better showcase the interaction between these incredibly unique and varied biomes. As you browse through the images, note the area in which they were captured and relate them to others appearing from the same one. Taking the climactic wide-angle images and supplementing them with more intimate depictions of the same area elicits a far deeper understanding and appreciation of such places than isolated images can ever do. 

Most of all, as you browse through the gallery, I hope you gain an appreciation for these wild places and a desire to see them protected. Many precious regions in Tasmania - and worldwide - are subject to destructive logging and mining practices that actively destroy their environments, ecosystems and wildlife. This is on top of the ever-growing threat of climate change, which promises dire consequences without drastic and forthcoming change. If you'd like to contribute your voice or finances to real action in Tasmania, please check out the
Bob Brown Foundation and Wilderness Society

Thank you as always for viewing my work; I deeply appreciate every one of you who dedicates some of their time to look at these gatherings of pixels I have a proclivity to create. I hope you enjoy browsing the new gallery!

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