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Video Tutorials

In this video and future videos to be released, I'll take you through my editing workflow to illustrate how I make the most of my RAW files, and how you can do so too. Post processing is an essential part of the modern landscape photographer's practice, and is a key way of setting yourself apart with a unique style and a polished finished result. My workflow is designed to be as non-destructive as possible, with varying degrees of creative license depending on what the photograph warrants.


The only programs you'll need to follow along are Adobe Camera Raw (or Lightroom) and Photoshop. I also use two plugins, which are the TK Basic V6 Panel (free) and Andreas Resch Web Sharpener (paid via donation). Basic understanding of Camera Raw, Photoshop, layers and masks is recommended to make the most of this tutorial, though each step is still clearly explained along the way. Alongside the video, you'll also receive a downsized Photoshop file so you can follow along with my exact steps. 


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'Lion's Slumber' - Start-To-Finish

Run time: 1 hr, 58 min

Price: $70 AUD

In this instructional video, you'll learn the full workflow for my image 'Lion's Slumber'. Topics covered include:

• Compositional theory and analysis

• Raw conversion

• Time / exposure blending

• Perspective blending

• Focus stacking

• Colour theory

• Appropriate application of dodging and burning

• Enhancing depth and atmosphere

• Shaping light & shadow for a natural result

• Luminosity and colour channel masks

• Controlling saturation levels

• Balancing exposure and reducing contrast

• Removing distractions

• Controlled warping

• Sharpening for web

"I wish I had this tutorial years ago when I first started getting into landscapes"


"Ben, I recently purchased your video tutorial, Lion's Slumber. I just want to reach out and say that was probably the best tutorial I’ve purchased over the years! The amount of information you cover throughout the entire process is huge! And the way you lay it out is super easy to understand. I wish I had this tutorial years ago when I first started getting into landscapes. I’m keen to see what you bring out next." - Tyson W

“I recently picked up Ben’s new tutorial video, and am pleased with the purchase. He explained a number of techniques that were new to me. Some of which will surely find a place in my workflow. Investing time into education is so vital, and Ben’s instruction offers great insight into his procedure both in-field and in the digital darkroom. My little photography notebook was full of dot points by the time I ended the tutorial!” - Michael K

"Ben has a unique and very well polished post processing style that stands out whenever you look at his photos. His tutorials are no different, which are well structured and explained in an easy to understand way. The topics Ben covers are beginner all the way to experienced levels, and I'm sure everyone will learn something from his tutorials." - Heesoo C

"Ben's tutorial is one of the best paid tutorials available at the moment for someone who is just getting started in editing through Photoshop. He does an excellent job at breaking down the how and why of doing a certain adjustment. Personally I find that context to be the most valuable part of the whole tutorial. I have been recommending this tutorial to anyone who has asked on which one to buy." - Chris H

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