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About Benjamin

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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by!


My name's Ben, and I'm a 22-year-old landscape photographer based in Sydney, Australia. I first picked up a camera in 2013 after growing up drawing and painting, and it didn't take long for me to hit the ground running. Now after striving for excellence in my photography for 8 years, I have become fortunate enough to win international awards and have my images shared by notable publications. Though I'm not quite there yet, my goal is to be able to pursue this passion of mine full time, showcasing our beautiful - yet rapidly declining - planet and helping others to improve their own photography along the way. 


I have a particular passion for capturing both the dramatic vistas and intimate scenes within nature, evoking a sense of inspiration, wonder, awe and curiosity. A multi-disciplined approach to photographing nature means I'm never bored, shooting from twilight to golden hour and even harsh mid-day light, which helps me capture unique ways of seeing our world that continuously pushes my creativity.

My work is now known within both the Australian and international landscape photography scene as being diverse and refined, combining effective compositions with tasteful and creative post processing, fusing different photographic approaches into my own unique style. Being equally amazed by the grand, wide-angle scene and the abstract, unnoticed details generates this diversity in my portfolio, which I hope inspires viewers to both look out as well as down when in nature. 

As a modern photographer, processing my images in the "digital darkroom" is an essential part of my style and workflow. My goal in an image is to convey, rather than document, the scene. A photo can never truly communicate the fullness of an in-person experience, and so I sometimes employ elements of creative license in editing to aid this. This is not to say my images are composites, digital art, or "fake" for lack of a better word - I've never dropped in a sky from a different day, for example - but I enjoy bringing the most out of my raw files to create a visually impactful result without being legalistic in limitations. 


I'd love to have you come along with me on my creative journey. You can find my social media presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. To receive more detailed updates and articles, plus great discounts on my products and services, subscribe to my newsletter. I also help run the 'Landscape Photographers Worldwide' Discord server, which is my favourite place to talk anything and everything landscape photographers with our 1000+ member base - come join the community!


I love teaching and helping people improve their own landscape photography - if this interests you, I offer group workshops as well as video tutorials and private tuition.

I'm a proud ambassador of f-stop gear, as well as a member of Nature First - The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography

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